Friday, 13 April 2012

a poem by Guenter Grass ( a Germany)

Why I am silent, silent about too long,
what is obvious and in simulations
was practiced, as at the end of survivor
We are footnotes at best.

It is alleged that on the first strike,
of the subjugated by bullies
organized and directed rejoicing
could wipe out people of Iran,
because in the sphere of construction
a bomb is suspected.

But why do I say to myself,
that other country to call by name,
In the years since - though secret -
a growing nuclear capabilities available
but out of control, because no test

The general concealment of this fact,
which my silence has subordinated
I feel as burdensome lie
and is forced, the penalty in view,
when it is ignored;
the verdict of "antisemitism" is familiar.

But now, because in my country,
from the very own crime
who are without comparison,
Time to time will be sought and taken to task,
turn and purely commercial basis, albeit
with nimble lip declared as restitution,
another U-boat to Israel
be delivered to the specialty
in it, everything is devastating warheads
there may be direct, where the existence
a single atomic bomb is unproven,
wants to be but as a fear of evidentiary value,
I say what needs to be said.

But why I kept quiet until now?
As I said, my background,
which is never subject to tilgendem flaw
forbid this as a fact distinct truth
the land of Israel, whom I am connected
and wants to stay, be expected.

Why do I say now only
aged and last ink:
The nuclear-armed Israel at risk
the already fragile world peace?
Because it must be said
what tomorrow might be too late;
also because we - as a German loaded enough -
Suppliers could be a crime
that is predictable, which is why our complicity
none of the usual excuses
would pay off.

And yes, I hold not more,
because I was the hypocrisy of the West
'm tired, also is to be hoped
There may be many free of silence
the cause of the apparent danger
to renounce violence and call on
also insist
that unrestricted and permanent control
of Israel's nuclear potential
and the Iranian nuclear facilities
by an international body
is approved by the governments of both countries.

Only then is all, the Israelis and Palestinians
more, all people working in this
region occupied by the delusion
live close to enemies close
and ultimately to help us.

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